Christmas Period

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Watchdog will be closed for the statutory holidays. We will have skeleton staff cover from 22 Dec to 5 Jan


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The New Zealand Commerce Commission has agreed to UBA (broadband) price changes initially signaled under the Initial Pricing Principle (IPP) Price Changes: UBA and POTS. These changes come in to effect on December 1st 2014, but Watchdog will not be passing these on to you until the 1st of January 2015.

What does this mean for you?

If you currently have a voice (phone) service as well as Watchdog UBS (Unbundled Bit stream) on your line then the price balancing between the two services will change from the 1st of December.


(You if pay by AP you need to make adjustments to this before January 0th 2015. You can email for the new DSL rate applicable to you)

THERE’S GOOD NEWS -  The UBS (broadband) price will be INCREASED by approximately $13.00 per month, however your voice provider ( i.e this is the service provider company for your phone number and voice services) will have received a CREDIT for your “Plain Old Telephone Service” ( POTS).  We recommend that if you have not already seen this credit reflected on your December account then you contact your provider and request that they pass this credit on to you.  It is possible that they may assume you do not have a UBS service and therefore they are not inclined to pass on the line credit.

NOTE – this increase does NOT affect the Naked (users with no phone number online) DSL users.

For further information and articles we have included article links below

*NEW* Second Level .nz Domain Name Announcement

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For Full Article, links and overview video go to our Wiki/KnowledgeBase link – click here


At 1pm, 30 September 2014 the .nz domain name space will experience a watershed moment. On that date – for the first time ever – people will be able to register .nz domain names directly at the second level.

Existing second level domains – like the .co in and the .org in will become optional and people could register with them, without them, or both.

For example a person could register as well as

It’s about more choice…

The change will offer registrants more choice in .nz names and allow for more representative online addresses – for example, many people get domains even though they’re not businesses. The change also means that registrants will be able to get shorter .nz domain names and aligns New Zealand with other countries that have already made a similar move and the multitude of new gTLDs coming on stream globally.

1pm, 30 September 2014

This is the go-live date for the change. From this date:

  •       You will be able to register available names on a first-come, first-served basis.
  •       If you have preferential rights to your name you will be able to register the shorter version of the name before anyone else, or reserve it for free for up to two years.
  •       If your name is conflicted you will be able to lodge a preference on the website of how you would like to deal with the conflict.

Between 1pm, 30 September 2014 and 1pm, 30 March 2015

Between these dates anyone with preferential rights will be able to:


  •       Register the shorter version of your name before anyone else, or reserve it for free on the website for up to two years.

Up until 1pm, 30 March 2015

This is the final day that those with preferential rights will be able to register or reserve. If you’ve not taken action by 1pm, 30 March 2015 the shorter version of your name will become available for general registration.

1pm, 30 September 2016

This is the final day of the reservation period. Those who’ve reserved but haven’t registered the shorter version of their name by 1pm, 30 September 2016 may see it become available for general registration.

Netflex Filtering Service Training and Access Information

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To access the filter interface you can use the same credentials as with the previous filter, that is through the link:
username: fnXXXXXX
Password: XXXXXX (as previously provided)

As always, should you have any questions, concerns or require our support team to make changes to your filtering during this time please contact us with your detailed request by emailing, or calling our free phone number 0508 WATCHDOG (928 243), during usual business hours (8.30am to 5pm Monday through Friday).

Download the filter manual: - click here
View YouTube tutorial: - click here

We also recommend that you read the information regarding changes to the way this filter manages the categorisation of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and tumblr - click here

NB:  Users with a time-based policy component will need to read this instructional addendum, for interface managementclick here