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Why Google Apps is going to be the Next Big Thing in ICT!

By now you may have heard of Google Apps, and terms such as “Cloud Computing”, and may be wondering what it means and how it can be utilised in your school.

What is Google Apps?
Google Apps is a free suite of web-based collaboration and communication tools:

Google Docs is a suite of web-based collaborative tools that allows the entire school community to share information and ideas easily. Imagine groups of students being able to collaborate together which a teacher on a project, live and real-time. The nice thing is that they can access these documents from anywhere there is an internet connection, so they are potentially able to work from home too!

Google Forms gives you the ability to create questionnaires, email them to students, staff, parents or anyone in the wider community and the results are automatically collated into a spreadsheet, which can then be easily analysed, graphed and published. The possibilities are limitless!

Google Mail & Gmail allows you to route all your school’s mail through Google’s powerful mail servers for free, thus removing the need for a mail server onsite at your school. You can have as many email addresses as you like, and each one comes with approximately 7GB of storage space. You can continue to use your existing mail client software, or you can use Google’s web-based mail solution, Gmail to manage all your email. You can even mix and match these two options to suit your school’s needs.

Google Video is a video hosting and sharing solution – share, communicate and collaborate using video. You can have up to 10Gb of storage for free with your Education Edition account.

Google Sites is a website creator and host. You can create a professional and elaborate website using either HTML code or the Google Sites easy-to-use website creator, and you can host your website with Google as well, all for free!

Google Calendar allows you to organise your schedule (timetable) and share events with the rest of the school and the wider community. You can schedule events anywhere from your mobile, and get reminders from SMS and email.

By the way, don’t forget about all the other great Google products, such as GoogleMaps, Blogger, YouTube, Google Groups, Google Scholar, Chrome (Google’s innovative web browser) and much more.Google Apps Education Edition account creation and bulk user account creation

You will need to create and verify your Google Apps Education Edition account ( i-Com do this ) you can create as many user accounts as you require for your school.

Directory Service Synchronisation
I-com can set up synchronisation between your existing directory service (for example Active Directory) and Google Apps, so you only need to update accounts in one location.

Re-direction of email via Google
I-com will re-route your mail through Google’s mail/spam filters, and organise for your existing email accounts to be transitioned seamlessly.

Upload of existing mail data to Gmail client
If required, you can arrange for your existing mail data to the Gmail client.

Upload of existing data to Google Docs
If required, all your existing data can be uploaded into Google Docs, retaining existing security.

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